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Attractions in Spain

The monumental complex of the Alhambra and the Generalife is considered nowadays as one of the most beautiful and meaningful cultural landscape in the world.

Attractions in Granada

The Sagrada Familia is a huge church of Barcelona, designed by the Catalonian architect Antonio Gaudí, the most important representative of the Modernist architecture in Catalonia.

Attractions in Barcelona

The Mosque of Córdoba (Mezquita de Córdoba) is considered nowadays as one of the major treasures of the Arabic-Andalusian art and a key monument in the Spanish-Arabic architecture from the Caliphal period.

Attractions in Córdoba


Santiago de Compostela
This monumental Cathedral is situated in the beautiful square of the Obradorio, and it is a Master Esteban´ s work of art.

Attractions in Santiago de Compostela

The Burgos Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and perhaps, one of the most representative cathedrals in the country. In a Gothic style, it was founded by the bishop Mauricio. Its majestic proportions and its exterior, as admirable as its interior,...

Attractions in Burgos

The Alcázar of Segovia was built in the junction of the rivers Eresma and Clamores. Many people believe that the fortification comes from the Roman times. The building is divided into two nucleuses. The first one consists of a Juan Herrera´ s courtyard...

Attractions in Segovia

The Cathedral of Mallorca, better known as La Seu, was built in 1230, during Jaime I´ s reign. It was built on the site of the existing Arab mosque of Medina Mayurca.

Attractions in Palma

The Pilar Basilica is one the most important Marian sanctuaries in the Catholic world and a first order artistic centre which contains works of great value and from different times.

Attractions in Zaragoza

It was built in 16- 15 B.C. and was donated by the Roman Emperor Marco Agripa (Emperor Augusto´ s son in law). It dates from the same time as the foundation of Emerita Augusta. It suffers several changes in I and II Centuries A.C.

Attractions in Mérida

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The tower is actually the old minaret of the Almohad Mosque of Seville, from the XII Century. It is 97.5 meters high and it was subsequently transformed into a Renaissance bell- tower.

Attractions in Sevilla

The Prado Museum is considered as one of the most important art galleries in the world.

Attractions in Madrid

This square was built due to the Spanish-American Exposition in 1929. It was inaugurated by His Majesty the King Alfonso XIII.

Attractions in Sevilla

The museum was designed by the North American architect Frank o. Gehry, and it is located in a 32,500 m2 plot alongside the Nervion River, that is to say that it is located 16 meters under the elevation of the city of Bilbao, and that it is crossed in...

Attractions in Bilbao

It is a Toledo symbolic building that has grown at the same time as the town, having its oldest origins in Roman times. It is located on a hill, being its location an important strategic point, developing different functions through the years.

Attractions in Toledo

This Cathedral was built to cover the land previously occupied by an Almohad Mosque in the XII Century.

Attractions in Sevilla

The building was built for the Milá family between 1906 and 1910 and was Gaudí´ s last important civil monument before starting with the construction of the Sagrada Familia.

Attractions in Barcelona

This Palace is a solemn and monumental building whose immense architectonical beauty is enhanced by the gardens that surround it. It is located in Madrid City Centre.

Attractions in Madrid